2009-2016 Dodge Journey Recalled for Power Steering Issue

2009-2016 Dodge Journey Recalled for Power Steering Issue

The Dodge Journey is being recalled to address a possible issue with its power steering.

According to FCA, the recall affects 10,944 units in the U.S. equipped with optional block heaters. The Dodge Journey recall will address fluid-line durability in extreme, cold-weather conditions. The American automaker found that some lines carrying power steering fluid may leak at engine startup, particularly in extreme cold weather. As a result, power steering is affected, making it more difficult to steer the vehicle.

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Dodge says that steering is not entirely lost under these circumstances and the automaker is unaware of any accidents or injuries related to the issue. An estimated 187,436 vehicles are also subject to the recall in Canada and affected customers will be notified accordingly.

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