BMW 6 Series Rumored to Become Porsche 911 Fighter

BMW 6 Series Rumored to Become Porsche 911 Fighter

The next-generation BMW 6 Series is rumored to become a Porsche 911 fighter.

Set to debut in 2018 or ’19, the new BMW 6 Series is reportedly getting revamped to compete with Porsche’s legendary sports car, which means the German automaker will kill off the convertible and Gran Coupe models. Expected to ride on BMW’s new CLAR platform, the next-generation 6 Series will shed around 500 pounds, making it more agile and formidable compared to the current offering. Other features of the new 6 Series include optional air suspension, rear-wheel steering and a new quad-turbo, inline-six engine producing around 550 horsepower.

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That won’t be the only major change to BMW’s lineup, as the company continues to look for ways to compete with its German counterparts. The Z5, which is the result of a collaboration with Toyota, is now said to only come in roadster form, meaning there’s no hardtop-coupe variant. Toyota on the other hand will sell the hardtop version of the platform as its Supra successor. There will be a top-of-the-line Z5 M, sporting around 450 hp from an inline-six engine.

A proposed range-topping 9 Series is still awaiting approval, but if it does it will be a four-door coupe offering with an hybrid powertrain combining for 500 hp.

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