Fiat 124 Spider Creepily Compared to Viagra in Newest Commercial


Who needs the blue pill when the Fiat 124 Spider is enough to get you excited?

At least that’s the aim of Fiat’s newest commercial for its 160-horsepower roadster. This isn’t the first time Fiat has employed the infamous blue pill in its commercials, with the first video showcasing the Fiat 500X Sport and the same two actors. In fact, the new commercial starts off the same as the other, but things change when the gentleman peers down the pill bottle to find that it’s empty.

Instead of a blue pill getting jettisoned out the window and transforming a Fiat 500 to a Fiat 500X, this time the gentleman who needs a bit of motivation hops into his Fiat 124 Spider for a thrilling drive that gets him plenty excited.

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The Italian automaker also produced a second commercial for the Fiat 124 Spider, albeit not as funny. Some might even say it’s a bit… boring.

Watch the other Fiat 124 Spider commercial below, which features Wyclef Jean and a rare, white-tailed eagle.

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