First In-Studio ‘Top Gear’ Taping a Train Wreck

First In-Studio ‘Top Gear’ Taping a Train Wreck

Video production is hard. All that viewers see is a highly polished final product that’s more often than not the result of untold hours and anguish.

This is especially true of flagship programming, like the BBC’s world-renowned Top Gear series, which is set to relaunch on May 29 in the UK. Plenty of internet ink has been spilled about this show’s return, and all the behind-the-scenes issues that have been plaguing it, from spats between its cast to controversy in the streets of London. On the surface, things haven’t been going very well.

Making the worst of an already troubled situation, Brad Pitt was scheduled to be Top Gear’s first guest but this Hollywood A-lister he had to cancel his appearance. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey and actor Jesse Eisenberg replaced him.

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But if all of this weren’t enough, it appears there’s even more trouble in the studio. Reports indicate the indoor portions of the first show were fraught with issues. According to The Sun, host Chris Evans required 10 takes to get through his opening monologue, with all of the in-studio bits taking four hours to shoot. This is despite Evans openly mocking former hosts Clarkson and company for requiring three hours to complete the same task.

Beyond this, jokes fell flat with the audience remaining silent at the worst times possible, something that prompted Evans to say, “Don’t be quiet. Talk among yourselves. Jesus Christ! Can you all hear me?”

Top Gear’s new ringleader is also quoted as saying, “Don’t fold your arms, don’t wear black. Take it off – take everything off,” eventually blurting out a long string of F-bombs. Hopefully the newest episodes of Top Gear can continue this series’ tradition of excellence, but that sounds like a tall order at this point. Still, we wait with bated breath for its return.

[Source: The Sun]

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  • Noe

    Rounding out to be a top-flop

    Why couldn’t they have also thrown in some younger people too …… their line up of ‘hosts’ is all on the ‘older age’ limit

    To many hosts. To many of the wrong hosts

  • Bill

    The TG Host were the show, now its Dr. Who with cars

  • Mark S

    Apparently it was third time lucky (Studio recording of the pilot) when Clarkson and Hammond relaunched TG way back (according to Richard Porter’s book and also mentioned when he was interviewed on The Smoking Tire).