Google Announces Updates for Android Auto

Google Announces Updates for Android Auto

Google has announced a few upgrades for Android Auto.

The biggest change is the ability to have Android Auto solely on a phone, without the need for an Android Auto compatible car. This will allow users to say voice commands to handle music, navigation, messages and calls, keeping distraction to a minimum.

Another new voice recognition feature allows you to simply utter “OK Google,” and the system will automatically wake up and await a command, saving the driver from having to press a button. As for new apps, Waze map integration is coming for Android Auto, which allows users to input their traffic situation allowing your vehicle to pick the fastest route.

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Google is also eliminating the need for the phone to be directly wired to car with a new setup that uses in-vehicle WiFi, if available.

Lastly, Google is opening up its software to automakers to allow them to design apps for car-related tasks. Both Honda and Hyundai are already working on new apps that will allow the driver to access roadside assistance, monthly service reports and have notifications sent straight to a phone.