Google Patents Sticky Hood to Save Pedestrians


Google has patented a new sticky hood that is meant to improve pedestrian safety. 

The system is designed to have the pedestrian stick to the front end of the car in a collision, preventing them from flying away and being injured further. The patent notes that the worst injuries in pedestrian collisions often happen when the pedestrian is thrown from the vehicle, colliding with either objects or the road.

It seems obvious that a sticky front end would quickly become covered in bugs and stones, but Google has a solution. A coating would be placed over the adhesive layer that would break when the pedestrian made contact, revealing the sticky layer below.

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Besides saving people, Google also says that it would stop debris that was hit from flying away and contacting other cars or people.

Google says that this new system could work well in all vehicles, though “it may be particularly advantageous to provide a vehicle having an autonomous mode of operation with the above-described adhesive systems,” reads the patent.

[Source: The Verge]

  • The “Sticky Hood” also makes it faster and more convenient for annoyed motorists to transport children and animals who get in the way of their driving to the appropriate hospitals or vet clinics for quick and easy drop-off with a minimum of interruption to one’s travels.

    BONUS FEATURE: If it’s raining, the motorist doesn’t even need to get wet in the process! And if the careless pedestrian happened to be a smoker who becomes a dead smoker, it also removes the moral dilemma one might face of choosing between roadside littering or loading the stinky corpse into one’s smoke-free vehicle for a drop off at the local crematorium.

    Clearly a Win-Win-Win situation all around! What will Google come up with next?

    – MJM

  • Will

    Totally ludicrous! If you want to catch pedestrians, lets get back to hood ornaments. Nice big spikes all along the leading edge of the hood. Mad Max style. Sticky hood really? can you imagine trying to keep it clean? I can see the proverbial Walmart bags stuck all over blowing in the wind, preventing the driver from seeing where she is going. Oh then she hits someone and since it is covered with bags, it is too slippery for someone to stick. Was this a government funded research project to come up with a sticky hood? Puhleeze.

  • Mark Babbitt

    The biggest concern is getting flipped onto the hood by the idiot driver, stuck there, then driven into a stationary object, with you being the first point of impact…..

  • At least you’d be treated to a “birds-eye view” to enjoy in your last moments….

    – MJM, humming “Look on the Bright Side of Things…”