Here’s What 10 Iconic Cars of the ’70s Cost Today

Here’s What 10 Iconic Cars of the ’70s Cost Today
  • My mom had a 1978 Ford Granada in Antique Cream with the 302 V8 (available via special order, but not publicized), and it lasted 25 years!

  • Bug S Bunny

    Pontiac Trans Am? VW Scirocco? THOSE were the cars to have when I was in high school (70’s). “Icon” obviously does mean the same thing as “desirable”. Then there are VW Beetles and Rabbits, Datsun Z cars, and Pontiac GTOs (which lived in the Firebird’s shadow in those days, believe it or not).

  • Felix James

    Say what you want, I LOVE the Mustang II.

  • Famer

    Seriously. Someone fire this idiot.

  • Jeff

    Ummm.. the author needs to fact check his work… the 70’s Corvette always had T-Tops as standard… the Convertible did not give way to T-tops… it was just dropped after 1975.

  • Duke Woolworth

    The 318 wasn’t so bulletproof. Valve stem seal problems cost many owners a bunch.

  • Clara1254

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