Honda Patent Filing Reveals a Strange-Looking Car


A Honda patent filing has revealed a strange-looking car that the Japanese automaker could be developing.

The design patent was filed April 25 with the European Union Intellectual Property Office and is being classified as an automobile. Interestingly enough, the strange-looking car’s designer is Ayumu Tsuji, a Honda R&D motorcycle designer. There are several other patents linked to Tsuji, but most of them are related to motor scooters.

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Not much is revealed in the Honda patent filing, but it certainly looks like a city car with off-road styling. It could also be some sort of mobility concept or even something else with a more industrial application. Got any ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Narvalo

    EV to rival Renault’s Twizy ?

  • smartacus

    it’s a side-by-side made road legal.
    Which would make sense if you want to go to the offroad park without also owning a truck and trailer.

  • Jack Woodburn

    Looks like an all weather, all terrain golf cart that is missing the rear golf bag shelf. More likely an autonomous city thingy…