Is This Imagined Bugatti SUV Crazy Awesome or Crazy Stupid?


Move over Chiron, the Bugatti SUV could be the luxury exotic people really want.

Digital artist Tobias Buttner has designed what he thinks a Bugatti SUV could possibly look like, that is if the French automaker actually entertained such a seemingly sacrilegious idea. It might seem crazy that the same minds behind the world’s fastest supercar would ever build a high-riding vehicle with comfortable seating for five.

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Bugatti hasn’t hinted that it would build an SUV, but maybe the idea isn’t as far-fetched as you might think. Bentley has the Bentayga heading to dealerships soon and Rolls-Royce is rumored to be working on an SUV of its own. Then there’s the Lamborghini Urus that should arrive by 2018. Some might think the idea of a Lamborghini SUV is crazier than a Bugatti SUV.

It likely will never happen, considering Bugatti’s mantra in developing some of the world’s most powerful and fastest cars. For now, it is concentrating on the Chiron and its production, so you don’t have to worry about seeing a Bugatti SUV anytime soon, if ever.

  • JonPaul

    actually, not bad looking.

  • smartacus

    Bugatti SUV will never happen, Here’s why:
    What engine would you put in there?

    Nope, you can never get the tires to last long enough.
    And people would complain about having more torque than the biggest baddest bullydog F550 Dually yet not actually being able to tow that 5th Wheel RV.

    *OK then how about some smaller W12 or V10 or even V8?
    Double Nope, even the highest tune Bentley Continental GT spec W12 is still only 630HP which doesn’t fit the all-conquering image of a Bugatti. Even if they increased it somehow to 666HP; it is still below the Hellcat Grand Cherokee.

    And a Bugatti SUV should NEVER have the same engine as was available in a VW Touareg SUV.

    V10 is firmly outside the realm of Bugatti levels of exclusivity. Even the old AUDI S6 had a V10.

  • windel Vernon

    It’s awesomely crazy stupid and would only be identified as a Bugatti by it’s front end, which is not enough. The brand requires a more dramatic design.

  • Jack Woodburn

    Yeah, just what the world needs…a 1500 HP SUV for a rich soccer mom…NOPE! That design looks like something the Chinese would do in their copycat mindset….

  • 8lackie


  • Sebastian Rodriguez Camargo


  • Vice Squeezer

    This suv are designed for royalty.. that have more money than god.. where the wagon can remain and used on private property its entire life..

  • Orang Yousefian

    Its good . it doesnt need the 1500 hp chiron engine .it looks like a small cross over so the almost 300 horsepower golf R engine would be appropriate .ya a little bit more power than the toureg would be nice . and i would add the side C to the body and also more down to earth material for the interior .extensive use of alluminium would bring down the weight so with that engine 0-60 is not far from 5 seconds .i would definitely build it in china then i would be able to sell it for around 80 thousand bucks or even less in the US and you know how many people would line up to buy a sub 100 grand bugatti .vw would become the number 1car manufacturer in the world . my mind is business oriented not emotional .