Mitsubishi President Resigns Amid Fuel Economy Scandal

Mitsubishi President Resigns Amid Fuel Economy Scandal

As Mitsubishi Motor’s fuel economy scandal widens, the company’s president, Tetsuro Aikawa, has announced that he will step down. 

Aikawa will finish with Mitsubishi on June 24 along with the executive vice president in charge of quality and product strategy, Ryugo Nakao.

The brand was caught cheating on fuel economy ratings for four of its microcars in Japan, but the deception doesn’t stop there. According to the latest report, Mitsubishi also used “desktop calculations” to find the fuel economy for the many of its models, including the Outlander plug-in hybrid, while a test of any kind was never even performed on the RVR. The questionable practices have been going on since 1991.

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Mitsubishi is now in the midst of selling a controlling 34 percent stake in Mitsubishi Motors to Nissan, which plans to invest in the company and restore its reputation. Under the agreement, Nissan will appoint one third of Mitsubishi Motor’s board members along with the chair.

Aikawa has only been president since June 2014, taking the role from Osamu Masuko, who transitioned into the position of CEO and is expected to stay on and take over the responsibilities of the two departed employees until their jobs can be filled.

[Source: Automotive News]

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