Poll: Honda Accord or Subaru Legacy?

Poll: Honda Accord or Subaru Legacy?

Family values matter, and so do the sedans people haul their progeny around in. Two of the front-runners in this highly competitive segment include the Honda Accord and Subaru Legacy, but which one is a better choice?

Certainly both of these cars are fine options, but does one have an edge over the other? Here are a few basic specs on each.

Staring with the Honda, which is more popular than Subaru’s rival, two engines are available including a 2.4-liter four-cylinder and a 3.5-liter V6. The former is good for up to 189 horses, the latter delivers 278 thoroughbreds with 252 lb-ft of twist.

As for transmissions, the Accord sedan offers a CVT or a six-speed manual with its base engine; it’s nice to have some choice. The V6 is paired exclusively with an auto-box containing half a dozen forward ratios.

In comparison, the Legacy is available with either a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine or 3.6-liter six. Both of these propulsion units are of the horizontally opposed variety. The former is good for 175 horses and 174 units of twist, the latter delivers 256 and 247 lb-ft.

Unlike the Accord, a continuously variable automatic is the only transmission available in this car, which makes us sad. However, giving this Subaru a leg-up is standard all-wheel drive, something that’s not even offered in the Honda.

And that’s a quick look at each of these popular family haulers. But which one do YOU prefer? Well, please let us know by casting a ballot in the poll below. If you want more information about either of these cars you can compare them directly right here.

  • wcjeep

    I like the idea of a Subaru. Awd with torque vectoring. However, they seem to have quality control issues. Has the Subaru excessive oil consumption been solved yet? Brake fluid contamination. Steering disconnected while driving. Honda is not immune to recent problems. Better odds in my opinion of the Honda Accord going the distance.


  • wcjeep

    It sounds like you used your big boy words? Congrats. I raised real issues that face Subaru owners. Two issues I mentioned are very recent for 2016 owners. Oil consumption seems hit/miss over the past few years. I’m not saying Honda engineering is improving. They seem to be taking baby steps backward. Which part do you disagree? With shallow snow and ice the Subaru would be a great choice. Reliably a great choice is another question.

  • smartacus

    can i punt and say toyota Camry?
    gotcha!! just kidding 🙂

  • phil

    anyone who’s ever driven both new vehicles would be crazy not to chose the accord.
    the subaru legacy lost the sporty character of the previous gens, the steering and suspensions are now soft and un spririted, matches the uninspired exterior and interior design. blend to look at inside and out, blend to drive. a huge disappointment, and I use to think highly of the legacy .. despite its not so rev happy, thirsty for fuel AND oil engine. that hasn’t changed…
    the accord looks and feels premium, and offers a dynamic driving experience with good powertrains. the best mid size sedan out there, sure its not all wheel drive,.. but for everything else, accord all the way .. anyone voting otherwise clearly didn’t drive the two… the difference is that big

  • Shiratori1

    Accord. It simply offers a level of choice that the Legacy can’t match. Also, the J35 in the Accord is smaller and more powerful than the flat-6 in the Legacy.

  • Kim3655489

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  • Long Doan

    Excessive oil consumption only happens on manual models.

  • jacksan1

    Don’t misunderstand – I like the Accord a lot. But for the value, the Legacy just cannot be beat.

  • RichardD98

    Too bad the US doesn’t get the manual Legacy like Canada, we get a M6 with AWD here, and it’s even offered on the Outback

  • Andy

    I’ve driven both. I think you’d be crazy to choose the Accord, here’s why: I have a 2015 Legacy – an Accord equipped identically to my car would be $2k more. That’s right, the AWD car is less money, kind of a no brainer.

    I will agree that Subaru has traded sportiness in favor of being a comfortable family cruiser, but on twisty back roads you can tell it hasn’t lost all of its corner-carving capabilities. Steering is a little on the light side due to being electric, but the suspension holds tight on off-ramps and sharp turns. After upgrading to wider performance all season tires the capability really shines.
    It’s far from being fuel thirsty. I’m currently averaging just over 24 (calculated) with very spirited driving, if I take it easy I can get the EPA rating of 26. Highway I can easily achieve or even beat the EPA rating of 36, which for AWD is pretty impressive.
    I’ve had no oil consumption, so either I’m just a lucky odd-one-out or they’ve remedied that in the latest engine redesign.

    The Accord is a great car, if you don’t need AWD I don’t see any reason to not consider it. Great highway cruiser, handling is quite good, there’s no major flaws to be found.
    A friend of my father has an Accord Sport CVT. I let him drive my car just to compare. His two main impressions were that the Accord is noticeably faster, but the Legacy handles much better. Since then I’ve driven a couple current gen Accords and agree with his conclusion.
    However for the average driver the difference really isn’t “that big”, go for whatever suits your needs best and you’ll be pleased either way.



  • Wiiingman

    That guy is a Troll… Just open his profile – he leaves the same comment on everything. You raised legitimate issues.

  • Joe

    What’s with the huge ugly chrome band on the front of the Accord? Likewise the two screen interior is ugly and awkward at best to use. Do the designers really thing these items make the car better? I am a huge Honda fan but these are show stoppers for me.

    If you don’t need four wheel drive the Accord Sport drivers better. I see very little difference between the Accord LX and the Legacy. If it snows in your area the Legacy is the obvious choice.