About 12,200 Tesla Model 3 Preorders Have Been Canceled


It’s hardly a surprise, but 12,200 Tesla Model 3 preorders have been canceled.

After revealing that it had around 400,000 preorders for the Tesla Model 3, the company said it now holds about 373,000 reservations for the entry-level, all-electric sedan. According to Tesla, about 8,000 customers have canceled their preorders, while 4,200 Model 3 preorders were canceled by Tesla because they were duplicates. The numbers were part of a report in Tesla’s filing to raise $1.4-billion in a share offering to ramp up production for the Model 3.

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We’re not quite sure what’s more surprising: The fact that there are still 373,000 Tesla Model 3 preorders, or that only 8,000 people have canceled. That number will likely increase over the next year or two, depending on how quickly Tesla can get the Model 3 into consumers’ hands. It will get even more interesting when the first units roll off the assembly line and early adopters and the motoring press get their hands on it.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Charles Clemen


  • Bill

    Yes, I agree. Toyota has long ago forgotten that safety should come 1st, not systems control software. Oh, you were talking about Tesla? Anyone taking notes here?

  • Haggy

    That’s a very deceptive headline. 8000 customers have canceled reservations. The rest are bookkeeping matters where Tesla removed things that shouldn’t have been in the system in the first place and that Tesla never disclosed as being in the order count. They have more orders now than they did the last time they disclosed an official count. That’s a net increase in orders.

  • Haggy

    You did? Maybe you have a link to the place where you predicted it. The last time Tesla gave an actual count, they were at 325,000. Now they are at 373,000. In rounded terms, they are approaching 400,000. This is no different from what they’ve been saying all along.

    So you predicted that 98% of customers would not cancel their orders? Then you predicted that Tesla would do far better than they imagined. If they had kept 90% of their orders, that would have been considered excellent, and that would have been 32,500 cancellations.