Tesla Model X Slapped with Lemon Lawsuit by California Owner


Concerns about the Tesla Model X’s quality continue to rise.

Barrett Lyon of California owns two other Teslas, a Tesla Roadster and a Tesla Model S, but hasn’t had such an enjoyable experience with the new Model X. Lyon has sued Tesla Motors in Placer County Court, alleging that the American automaker has been unable to fix the issues with his Model X and is wanting a refund for the $161,970 purchase price.

Some of the issues Lyon has experienced include the doors doing some “weird, wicked things,” saying that the doors have slammed shut on his wife and flung open in their garage for no reason. He also stated in the lawsuit that Autopilot in the rain is extremely dangerous, adding that the car swerves into different lanes. That’s not all, as Lyon says the power front doors are opening into cars and other obstacles, the touchscreen freezes repeatedly and the second row seat causes the driver’s seat to fold forward. Lastly, he said the autopark feature “does not work 90 percent of the time.”

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This isn’t the first time Tesla Model X owners have spoken up about quality issues. This is also not the first time a Lemon lawsuit has been brought against Tesla. In 2014, the self-proclaimed “Lemon Law King” represented a Tesla Model S owner that alleged his Model S was out of service for a total of 66 days after purchasing it in March 2013.

[Source: Courthouse News Service]

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  • Noe

    Actually thats a good heads up

    When you parking and want to avoid damage to your own car obviously continue to avoid regular / family cars but now also avoid the tesla model X (even though it be preferable parking next to that than a family wagon) with the news on those “power front doors are opening into cars” LoL – funny but not good

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  • OldDCFan

    i am surprised they don’t get enough of these. my neighbor has a model S and he hated it due to the power train going out twice