This New Ariel Atom V8 Model is Incredibly Intricate


The first official Ariel Atom V8 scale model has been introduced.

Ariel teamed up with Soul Models in Spain to create one of the most intricate scale models we have ever seen. Limited to just 1,500 units, the 1:18-scale model is priced at £149.94 including taxes ($215.00) and is available from Soul Models in Spain or directly from the Ariel Motor Company.

The model features a gold chassis and wheels, carbon bodywork, side pods and a unique color scheme and has been carefully modeled to look exactly like the real thing, down to the builder’s plaque on the seat.

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“We have been approached by a few model makers over the years but when they understand the complexity of modelling the Atom they have all given up at an early stage,” said Simon Saunders of Ariel. “We’ve been keen to see a scale version of an Atom so it’s great that Soul Models have taken on the task and produced such a great, detailed model.”

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  • Aditya Ganesan

    nice job there. But this kinda stuff isnt new. Big boys like Koenigsegg and Porsche have been sellin them fer ages.