Tweets That Sum Up the Reactions to Last Night’s Top Gear Return

Tweets That Sum Up the Reactions to Last Night’s Top Gear Return

The revamped Top Gear aired for the first time last night, and people seem to be really disappointed.

People have been skeptical that the popular show would be successful without its three famous presenters, and Chris Evans probably has the toughest job in the world right now. Jeremy Clarkson, love him or hate him, left big shoes to fill and Evans is always going to be living in Clarkson’s shadow. There has been drama surrounding the show since Clarkson was fired, and even during the new show’s filming, there were reports of how terribly it was going. But the new show finally aired last night, and the internet is going nuts over it.

Here are a bunch of tweets that kind of sum up how people felt about Top Gear last night:

There were a few positive tweets:

But mostly, people didn’t seem to like the new show and Evans as the host. Luckily, Matt LeBlanc seems to be a hit.

This one’s a bit melodramatic:

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  • smartacus

    Who still owns a TV anymore?

    I used to watch TOP GEAR back when it was only available via gnutella download.
    Then i watched it on BBC America until i cut the cable and got my TG fix on Streetfire.

    Now i’m just waiting for the new show on Amazon

  • BobbyL

    What a terrible article. No content. Just a few tweets.