Two More Key Tesla Executives Leaving the Company

Two more key Tesla executives are leaving the company, bringing the total to five that have left the American automaker this year.

Greg Reichow and Josh Ensign will be leaving Tesla, with Reichow currently serving as Tesla’s vice president of production. Ensign is the vice president of manufacturing, which means Tesla is losing two of its most important executives as it readies for arguably its most important offering, the Model 3. According to Automotive News, a Tesla spokesperson confirmed both departures, although Reichow is staying with the company until a replacement is found.

It is reported that the executive changes are linked to delays, glitches and a recall on the new Model X, although the Tesla spokesperson denied any connections.

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Reichow is likely the most significant departure Tesla has experienced this year, as he served as the leader of vehicle production and was one of Tesla’s highest-paid employees. According to company filings, Reichow earned $6.4 million in cash, stock and options in the past two years. Tesla is describing Reichow’s departure as a leave of absence and he will be involved in handing off his responsibilities to ensure interrupted production.

The Tesla Model X was delayed more than 18 months and some early owners have reported quality issues with their vehicles. Other executives that have left Tesla this year include Michael Zanoni, vice president of finance and worldwide controller; James Chen, vice president of regulatory affairs and deputy general counsel and Ricardo Reyes, vice president of global communications.

[Source: Automotive News]

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