Volkswagen Golf GTI Celebrates 40th Anniversary with One-Off Model

Volkswagen Golf GTI Celebrates 40th Anniversary with One-Off Model

The iconic Volkswagen Golf GTI is celebrating its 40th birthday.

After revealing the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S that claimed the new Nurburgring front-wheel-drive record with a lap time of 7 minutes, 49.21 seconds, Volkswagen is showing off how it will commemorate the Golf GTI’s 40th anniversary at Lake Wörthersee. This weekend will be the 35th GTI Meet at Lake Wörthersee and along with showing off the new Golf GTI Clubsport S, the German automaker will also roll out the Golf GTI TCR race car, two customized GTIs by Volkswagen apprentices and all seven generations of the Golf model.

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The two customized vehicles are creations of Volkswagen apprentices from the Wolfsburg and Zwickau plants and continues the tradition of presenting one-off Golf models on the stage at the GTI festival. The team from Wolfsburg will bring the Golf GTI Heartbeat that features 395 horsepower, or 400 PS – 10 PS for each of the 40 years the GTI has existed. The apprentices from Zwickau will pay tribute with the Golf R Variant Performance 35 that boasts 350 PS, 10 PS for each meeting at Lake Wörthersee.

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