You Can Get an EV for $5,000 Cheaper in Colorado


The State of Colorado has passed a new law allowing dealerships to mark $5,000 off an electric vehicle, right at the time of purchase.

The legislation is a point-of-sale incentive and when combined with the $7,500 federal tax credit, Colorado electric vehicle buyers can save a total of $12,500. The focus here is that it’s a point-of-sale incentive, meaning customers get the $5,000 discount right away rather than having to wait for a check or reimbursement. It also makes electric vehicles that much more appealing when shopping for a car, since their price tags are literally $5,000 less.

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This also means Colorado has the most attractive incentive for purchasing an electric vehicle in the entire nation, and hopefully other states follow in its footsteps.

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  • smartacus

    needing $5000 incentive to move them is telling

    needing $7500 Fed incentive is even more telling

    needing $12,500 total incentive to sell them is broadcasting the obvious so loud and clear nobody can miss it

  • smartacus

    imagine taxpayers subsidizing Blackberry phones over everything else because Blackberry’s QNX is the safest (actually yes it is the safest)