10 of the Best Aftermarket Wheels for Your Car

10 of the Best Aftermarket Wheels for Your Car

Nothing changes the look of your car like a new set of wheels, and the right rim can make or break the appearance of a car.

Out of the zillions of combinations out there, here are 10 aftermarket wheels — both old and new — that we think really stand out.

OZ Racing Ultraleggera


A racing wheel needs to do more than just look good: It needs to reduce unsprung weight and provide airflow for cooling, while providing enough strength for the abuse of the track. OZ Racing is known for its lightweight wheels, and the Ultraleggera (Italian for ultralight), the latest iteration of their classic racing wheel, offers good looks and good performance.

Shop for OZ Racing Ultraleggera wheels here.

American Racing Torq Thrust


We like the old-school look of the Torq Thrust. Introduced in the mid-1960s, this was the wheel that made swapping out wheels a thing. Designed for drag racing, the Torq Thrust is designed to minimize weight and provide maximum brake cooling (important in the days of non-power-assisted drums). Today, it gives a handsome old-school look to any muscle car, street rod or restomod.

Find a set of Torq Thrust wheels for your ride here.

Enkei RP03


We love the simple five-spoke look, and the Enkei RP03 shows how good it can look, with spokes that reach to the edge of the rim to make the wheels look even larger. The RP03 comes from Enkei’s racing lineup, so it’s light and durable as well as being handsome.

Shop for your set of Enkei RP03 wheels here.

BBS Super RS

BBS_SuperRS copy-01

BBS is a German manufacturer that has supplied original equipment wheels to just about every major European and Japanese automaker. The forged-aluminum RS, with its cross-spoke design, became an icon of performance in the ‘80s and ‘90s. The wheel is still offered in an updated version called the Super RS, a good choice if you want to capture a vintage performance look.

Find your set of BBS Super RS wheels here.

American Racing AR39


You want 1990s? Friends, it doesn’t get any more 1990s than this. The AR39 was clearly a passing fad, and the company has long since dropped them from their catalog, but you can still find them if you’re willing to do some digging. They go great with a Metallica T-shirt.

Find a set of American Racing AR39 wheels here.

Konig Hypergram

Konig_Hypergram copy-01

Konig wheels attract us with their simple, functional, lightweight look—and yet they have an artistry that sets them apart from simpler racing wheels. Konig uses a process they call “flow forming” to give their wheels a delicate look with a strong backbone, and with several colors on offer, we love the effect.

Shop for Konig Hypergram wheels right here.

Anything from Forgiato


Forgiato makes some of the most exclusive and expensive rims in the world, and frankly we were hard pressed to pick one wheel from their collection — everything they make is pretty far out there. We’re partial to the disk designs in the Luminoso series, but this company offers something for everyone … provided your motto is “go big or go home.”

Browse through the listings of Forgiato wheels here.

American Racing Vector


We’re die-hard Dukes of Hazzard fans and not ashamed to admit it. Neither are we ashamed to admit that we’d like to follow their lead and roll around on a set of American Racing Vectors. Though this wheel will always be associated with the Duke Boys’ Charger, we’ve seen it on a variety of old American iron (and even a classic AE86 Corolla) and it gives them a great vintage look.

Find your set of retro-styled American Racing Vector wheels here.

Ronal URS


Whoops — we meant to put these on our list of the worst aftermarket wheels for your car. Sorry about that.

But in case you do love them, browse through all of the Ronal wheels listings here.



Minilites were a staple on small British roadsters, and most of the wheels you’ll find are designed for something small and British (though you’ll find them for Porsches as well). A set of original Minilite mags is a great find, though there are knock-offs as well, and they look great adorning the wheel-arches of Mazda Miatas.

Find a set of Minilites wheels for your ride here.

American Racing AR767


Yeah, yeah, we know — this list is starting to look like an advertisement for American Racing, but we’re drawn to vintage and classic looks and AR made (and still makes) a lot of our favorites. The AR767 is a classic design that was a staple for trucks and SUVs in the ‘70s and ‘80s. We’ve seen ‘em in white, we’ve seen ‘em in chrome, but we love AR’s latest take: Gloss black with red and blue pinstripes.

Outfit your truck with a set of American Racing AR767 wheels here.

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  • smartacus

    Honorable mention goes to Vossens. I’ve seen a couple of those in the last year.

  • Rickers

    Forgiato? Gross.

  • Venden

    Damn right! HRE makes some incredible retro wheels too.

  • Jeffery Surratt

    Get Real, Cragar 61 series is the wheel that everyone wanted when I was a teenager in the 1960’s & 1970’s. It still looks good, today.

  • Oliver Koreň

    What about ESE carbon wheels?

  • Rochester

    +1 for today’s line of wheels at Vossen. Some beautiful designs there.

    This round-up is weighted way too heavy towards aftermarket wheels available on TireRack. Kind of a coincidence, don’t you think?

  • smartacus

    good point