Chevy Cuts 4G LTE Wi-Fi Prices

Chevy Cuts 4G LTE Wi-Fi Prices

Chevrolet is offering its customers a cheaper way to get online in its vehicles. 

Customers who use GM’s in-car Wi-Fi can now pay for just a single gigabyte (GB) of data for $10, while a 4GB plan has been added for $20 a month. Previously, 1GB cost $20.

Opting for the larger 10GB per month package has also had its price cut in half, from $80 down to $40. For an entire year, the price remains at $150, but data doubles from 10GB to 20 GB per month.

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Within the last two years, GM says that over three million GB of data have been used up in Chevrolet cars alone. Out of all its vehicles, Chevy Silverado owners used the most data, downloading 1 million GB of data to date.

To get 4G LTE Wi-Fi, owners must have the basic OnStar package.

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  • getoffme

    Either complete idiots or people who need more data would fall for this trap. Charging for Internet access over Internet access? LOL