Don’t Blink: Here’s the World’s Fastest Pit Stop


Would you believe that a Formula 1 team performed a pit stop in under two seconds?

That’s exactly what happened when the Baku City Circuit hosted Formula 1’s 2016 Grand Prix of Europe. The Williams pit crew and driver Felipe Massa not only achieved the fastest pit stop in the young history of Azerbaijan, but managed to tie the world record with a time of 1.92 seconds. The other 1.92-second pit stop occurred in 2013 with Red Bull driver Mark Webber at the United States Grand Prix.

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It’s astonishing to see how quickly the team managed the pit stop and it’s even more amazing that this is the second time it has happened in 1.92 seconds.

To put it into perspective, someone fast at the keyboard can type out the words pit stop in about a single second. So in less than the time it would take type out pit stop twice, the Williams team managed to swap out four tires on a Formula 1 race car.

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