Feature Focus: Listen to the Chevy Camaro’s Sweet V8 Music


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The all-new 2016 Chevrolet Camaro doesn’t just look like its forebear from Detroit’s glory days, when properly equipped, it sounds like a big-block original.

Or maybe even better. Today’s version of this legendary nameplate offers superior handling, stops in dramatically shorter distances, is immeasurably safer should the unexpected happen, all while being significantly more fuel efficient and comfortable. But despite the plethora of 21st century improvements, the venerable Camaro still thunders like a 1960’s muscle-machine.

Under the hood of SS models, you’ll find a fire-breathing V8, a 6.2-liter LT1 that delivers 455 horses and just as much torque. It can be paired with either a six-speed manual transmission or an eight-ratio auto-box.

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But for true audiophiles, the Camaro can also be upgraded with a dual-mode performance exhaust system. This option features electronically controlled valves in the mufflers. Under heavy acceleration, they help improve performance and allow more decibels of internal-combustion music to be broadcast to the world. These puppies even allow the driver to customize how much noise is emitted, with a “stealth” mode for quiet cruising and a “track” setting for an all-out assault on your ears.

Customers who prefer the Camaro’s sophisticated 3.6-liter V6 engine can also opt for this juicy extra, though don’t expect it to rumble like small block-powered versions; its tune is more of a high-pitched wail than a continuous fertilizer-plant explosion.

If you’re considering a purchase of this Chevy sports car do yourself a big favor and get the dual-mode performance exhaust system. And really, it’s a bargain, because this upgrade costs just $895.

Watch our full Chevy Camaro review here:

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  • nauticalone

    Good job here GM!
    Come on Ford – it’s past time to include dual mode exhaust, 4 corner Brembos, magnetic ride suspension and a few more ponies on the Mustang GT.
    For 2018 eh??

  • Patrick Jackson

    Video won’t play..

  • Saigo Takamori

    Is that when the refresh is suppose to happen? Possibly as a 2017 release. As much as I like the current Mustang, there are cues I do not like and wish they would change.

    Hopefully the refresh will address those.

  • Ashley8899

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  • nauticalone

    There are rumors of a 2018 refresh yes (nothing official yet). I’m hoping so too as like yourself there are a few cues (noted my previous post – but also the grade of leather on the steering wheel is not near premium) I do not like.
    I don’t need a GT350 or ZL1 and want to replace my 2012 GT (7,500 miles) and though I want to give my business to my Ford dealer as the dealer has been good and I like the overall Mustang design a lot.
    But the Camaro SS has significant features and performance the Mustang GT can’t match!
    I’ll give it another six months, but if Ford doesn’t announce some improvements by Jan 2017 I’ll likely be going with a new Camaro SS.

  • Kris

    Enjoyed the video commentary Craig Cole. Refreshing to be entertained while watching a video review.