Ford Wants Muddy Boots in its Heavy Duty Luxury Trucks

Ford Wants Muddy Boots in its Heavy Duty Luxury Trucks

Ford is making sure that even the working man with muddy boots will feel comfortable in its luxury pickups. 

For 2017, the Ford Super Duty lineup will offer a vinyl flooring option for the King Ranch and Platinum edition trucks, offering customers a luxury interior without the fancy carpeting which quickly gets dirty. To make sure that these models still stand out, the vinyl flooring is more durable and thicker than in base models, while unique designs and clips to hold carpeted or rubber floormats are also installed.

A simpler and thinner version of the vinyl floors is offered as standard equipment on XL, XLT and Lariat models.

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“Super Duty customers use their trucks in all aspects of their lives – including for work and as a personal vehicle,” said Doug Scott, Ford truck group marketing manager. “They want the luxury of a King Ranch or Platinum edition, while maintaining their ability to use the truck for work without fear of ruining the interior.”

The 2017 Ford Super Duty will hit dealerships in the fall of 2016.