Genesis Performance Cars Won’t Wear ‘N’ Badge

Genesis Performance Cars Won’t Wear ‘N’ Badge

When Genesis reveals its new performance cars, they won’t be wearing the ‘N’ badge that will be found on Hyundai’s sports machines. 

Hyundai’s new ‘N’ division has been tasked with turning up the heat on both Hyundai and Genesis vehicles, but while Hyundai’s cars will wear the N badge, Genesis will have a different name for its lineup of corner carvers.

The head of N Division, Albert Biermann, still isn’t sure what Genesis is going to call its performance brand, though it won’t simply be N.

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“We’re still setting up the whole Genesis brand, and that has an impact on how we create the high-performance lineup, the order in which things happen,” Biermann told Car and Driver. “We’re in the discussion right now, but I couldn’t tell you which model will be the first with a high-performance application yet. It’s still too early.”

The first Genesis performance model is rumored to be a BMW M4 fighter that will use a turbocharged six-cylinder engine.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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  • smartacus

    howzbout Genesis esse esse?

  • I call b/s on them not telling which car would be released first. A roadmap was leaked recently on thekoreancarblog dot com which listed out their plan for vehicle releases:

    2015 G90 Large Luxury Sedan
    2017 G80 Mid Luxury Sedan & G70 Near Luxury Sedan
    2018 Mid Luxury SUV
    2020 Near Luxury SUV & Near Luxury Sport Coupe

  • Jeffery Surratt

    The cars you list are not the performance line up. Just the first Genesis models. The N division will be ultra high performance cars for Hyundai and Genesis, at least that is how I read it.

  • True, those are not the performance models, but to say they don’t know is B/S. Car development is planned out years in advance, not just for branding, but for design, prototypes, testing, logistics, etc…

  • KT

    The key point is the last sentence “Its still too early.” – They KNOW which cars will get the performance model and I’m sure you can deduce which car it will be based on from the road map. Otherwise, Mr. Biermann is in no position to release details at the moment until he gets the green light from upper management.