Honda CR-Z Finally Discontinued

Honda CR-Z Finally Discontinued

Honda has quietly announced the discontinuation of the CR-Z hybrid sports coupe.  

The car will be discontinued by the end of 2016, though Honda says that it is filling in the gap left behind with new electrified models including the 2017 Accord Hybrid and the new Clarity.

The small coupe never quite lived up to performance expectations and sales suffered because of it. In May of 2011, the year the car launched, Honda moved 1,557 CR-Zs, while May of 2016 saw just 234 CR-Zs sold.

Our own review said the car was not “not hot enough and not eco-enough,” calling it out for not delivering in either area, though we lauded the CR-Z for being the only hybrid available with a manual transmission.

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With just 130 hp and 140 lb-ft, the CR-Z couldn’t compete with rivals like the Hyundai Veloster Turbo in the power department, and Honda’s modern naturally aspirated engines make the fuel economy benefit of the CR-Z hybrid negligible.

  • Cody Beisel

    Honda needed to ditch the idea of this being a hybrid car and deliver a small 2 door hatch like this but with a naturally aspirated vtec engine(the new base civic coupe 2.0l engine?). If they could undercut the Fiesta st and market this as a hotter alternative to the fit it could be a huge seller. Since Honda isn’t making a N/A civic si maybe use the next crz to fill that void with old school Honda loyalists?

  • Bug S Bunny

    I never understood the point of this car; not sporty enough (although the manual transmission is a nice effort), and not economical enough (considering it is a hybrid). Apparently I’m not alone since I’ve seen only two of these actually being driven since 2011. And Honda says that it is filling in the gap left behind with new electrified models including the 2017 Accord Hybrid and the new Clarity. Sorry Honda, those two models don’t come close to filling the gap.

  • smartacus

    at last.
    The CR-Z was in Intensive Care and Honda finally consented to pulling the plug.
    The “envelope written in red ink” is taped to the door

  • Philip Daniels

    Don’t think I want a new civic either, don’t know if I trust it being the first model year and who the hell knows if you’re buying your fate with the airbag installed in it …

  • Mary2541

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  • Blinkd

    It’s all about perspective. Nobody got this for the reasons you state. The problem is people didn’t get it because they were looking at it as a separate package and not as a whole. To me this car means flexibility. Sporty and fun to drive with the ability to get some very good fuel economy. Is it as much as a Prius? No but it doesn’t need to get that type of fuel numbers. It’s better than my Honda Fit which is a great little car in its own right. Does it have 200hp? No but it doesn’t mean that it’s slow. Is it slower than some other cars? Yes, but what is a second or a second and a half in practical terms when driving a vehicle. It’s meaningless really. I think back to one of my first cars the 89 Honda Civic Si, which had 108 HP. It was zippy and fairly nimble with some very good handling for its class. Sold a ton and was a well respected vehicle. It was no powerhouse, mind you a lot lighter but did 0-60 in about the same time. It certainly didn’t have the safety features in modern cars today but it was a great car to me.

    This is an underrated vehicles in my opinion. It has HONDA quality and reliability with some nice styling and a bit of fun punched in. It’s too bad people can’t see the whole package instead of trying to break it into its parts to process. They really do miss out on something unique and special that unfortunately just didn’t connect with the marketplace.

  • Patrick Jackson

    Rest in pieces.