Infiniti Recalls 60K Q50 Sedans Over Steering Issue

Infiniti Recalls 60K Q50 Sedans Over Steering Issue

Infiniti is recalling about 60,000 Q50 sedans around the world over an issue with the steering. 

The issue is with the car’s direct adaptive steering system, which is a drive-by-wire setup. Infiniti says that in some cases, a software glitch “can lead to a lack of steering responsiveness and change in turning radius,” Infiniti spokesman Stefan Weinmann told Automotive News. 

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This feature allows the Q50 to offer partial autonomous driving, which lets the driver go hands free at speeds of over 37 mph.

Infiniti will begin notifying owners of the issue in late June and early July. The brand didn’t announce a fix for the problem, but a software update is likely.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Patrick Jackson

    Well steer by wire shouldn’t have been put in a premium car like this to begin with. hope they’ve had sense enough to fire the committee who came up with this silliness and the brass who green-lighted it.

  • Jeff Safire

    No idea what you’re inferring here. A premium car like this is exactly where a partial-autonomous driving system is at home, as such functionality is now included in nearly all premium and luxury cars. This is not a race car and likely will see very little track use at all.