Hunting for all the Easter Eggs in the Jeep Renegade

The Jeep Renegade is chock full of fun little surprises. 

The small crossover isn’t exactly what most folks picture when the word “Jeep” is uttered, but so far, U.S. sales have been strong, outpacing the entire subcompact crossover segment in May 2016.

More than prioritizing off-road prowess, the Renegade puts its stock into quirky looks and fun easter eggs that celebrate Jeep heritage along with off-road culture.

We spent a week with a Renegade and took some time to spot each one of the little quirks hidden around this model. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below.


Found on passenger side of the windshield, a small tribute to the father of all Jeep models, the Willys MB, is found. These original models saw heavy use in the Second World War, cementing their place in the minds and hearts of the U.S. public.


Inside the small storage cubby and center console, you will find topographical maps of areas in Moab, Utah, known as one of the premier destinations for off-roading in the U.S. Jeep holds an annual meetup in Moab called the Easter Jeep Safari where it shows off new concept models and celebrates the brand.


The seven-slot Jeep grille is iconic and the motif can be found in a few places on the Renegade, including behind the rear view mirror.


There’s also Jeep grilles on the speakers (it helps the music sound more Jeep-y).


And there’s even a grille found on the inside of the rear hatch.


On the rear windshield, a Sasquatch climbing a small mountain can be found, again trying to reinforce the rugged persona of this little Jeep.


Look! Another Jeep grille can be found on the tail lights and headlights. The tail lights also feature an ‘X’ motif, another common theme in the Renegade that replicates the look of a classic military jerry can used for gasoline. You can also find this ‘X’ in the cup holders and the roof of models equipped with the MySky removable roof panels.


Not exactly hidden from the driver, the tachometer in the Renegade is mud splattered. You don’t even need to take this thing off road to get it dirty.


Easily the strangest easter egg found on the Renegade is a small spier saying “Ciao Baby!” behind the fuel cap. The Renegade is built in Italy alongside the Fiat 500X explaining the language. We’re still not sure why there is a spider on there.

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