Learn More about the New Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1

There are a lot of new things happening with the upcoming Ghostbusters movie.

Along with an all-female cast for its main characters, the new Ghostbusters will change how you see Ecto-1 for years to come. Unlike the original movies that used a 1959 Cadillac ambulance, the new Ecto-1 comes in the form of a 1982 Cadillac hearse. In a way, it’s quite the opposite from the previous Ecto-1, considering an ambulance’s main priority is to save people from dying, while a hearse transports people who are already dead.

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The video above explains how the new team gets a hold of the hearse, which is borrowed from Patty Tolan’s (Leslie Jones) uncle, who runs a funeral home. Dressed in all black, the Ghostbusters apply their signature livery to the car so that it’s instantly recognizable by fans around the world.

Some are cautiously optimistic that the new Ghostbusters won’t be a complete disaster – what do you think about the movie based on what you have seen so far? Let us know in the comment section below.