More Evidence That Skoda is Coming to the US Surfaces

More Evidence That Skoda is Coming to the US Surfaces

Skoda has trademarked a second set of names with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), further suggesting that the brand may be considering launching in the U.S. 

Skoda’s owner Volkswagen has filed trademarks with the USPTO to protect: Octavia Scout, Green Line, Skoda G-TEC and Laurin & Klement. The Octavia Scout is the only one of these which is a vehicle, while the rest are badges for different trim levels and engines.

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Registering these trademarks in the U.S. could simply be the brand protecting its names, but the filing for Skoda G-TEC suggests that it is something more. There is already a company operating in the United States called G-TEC which has the name patented. Volkswagen likely wouldn’t have gone out of its way to protect ‘Skoda G-TEC’ if it had no intention of bringing something to U.S. with that name, which in this case denotes a natural gas-driven engine.

Since the diesel emissions scandal, Volkswagen sales have plunged in the U.S., so bringing the Skoda brand could be an opportunity for a fresh start for a VW brand in the U.S.

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