Next-Gen Nissan Leaf to Offer Over 200 Miles of Range

Next-Gen Nissan Leaf to Offer Over 200 Miles of Range

A Nissan engineer has let slip that the new Leaf electric car will feature a little over 200 miles of range. 

Nissan’s global director of electric vehicle engineering, Kazuo Yajima, told Autoblog that a new 60-kWh battery pack is coming in the next Leaf that will allow it to travel between 210 and 220 miles on a single charge. Nissan is showing off its new larger battery pack at EVS29, an electric vehicle symposium taking place in Montreal, Canada.

Though Yajima confirmed that the larger pack is coming, he wouldn’t say exactly when the next Leaf will show up. It is expected to be a 2017 model year vehicle, which means the new Leaf should debut sometime before the end of 2016.

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Styling will also be revised on the revamped Leaf, which is supposed to look more like a conventional hatchback and borrow some cues from both the Friend ME Concept and the IDS Concept (pictured above).

Having 200 miles of range will help the Leaf compete with the Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3, both of which offer roughly 200 miles of all-electric range.

[Source: Autoblog]

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  • craigcole

    Two-hundred miles or more of range will finally put EVs where they need to be in order to be viable transportation alternatives for many Americans.

  • グッチ 都玲

    I swore to myself I would never by a brand new vehicle, but this is a game changer.