Poll: What’s Worse? Top Gear USA or the New Top Gear?

Poll: What’s Worse? Top Gear USA or the New Top Gear?

Top Gear USA has been canceled and the revamped Top Gear has been continually bashed by critics.

But which show is worse?

Top Gear USA, hosted by Tanner Foust, Rutledge Wood and Adam Ferrara, had six seasons to prove its worth, while the revamped Top Gear has had to step into the shoes of a long-running series starring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. New hosts Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc have received mixed reviews, with Evans getting the bigger share of hate. There have been some shining moments with Chris Harris, but it’s still unclear if the new Top Gear will evolve to become the success it once was.

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Viewership for the revamped Top Gear has dropped since the first episode aired, when most enthusiasts were curious to see how the new show would hold up. There have been rumors that Matt LeBlanc wants out if Chris Evans stays, making many wonder how stable the future of the show is.

We would love to hear from you, to see which show you think is actually worse – the now axed Top Gear USA or the revamped Top Gear on BBC?

  • smartacus

    TG USA had zero chemistry
    but new TG is like The Sex Pistols,
    they hated each other and they couldn’t play.

  • V8Supercar1

    Neither. I haven’t seen the new Top Gear. And Top Gear usa is really good now. The first season sucked. But after that, it turned into a really entertaining show. The problem with tv shows like this is that people fall in love with the hosts too much, and if you change hosts, then the show gets looked down on and automatically dissed. Me personally, I don’t care about who is hosting the shows, im a car guy. I care about content. As long as the content is good, the show is good as for as im concerned.

  • ScotinHouston

    TG USA had a rough first season because it felt scripted, as does new TG, but they changed up and the hosts relaxed and we’re more natural and let their own personalities come over. Sad to see it cancelled as it was a good show.