Porsche Mule Spied Testing, Hints at Possible Panamera Coupe Model

Porsche is testing an interesting mule that possibly hints a coupe-based model is under development.

Caught on camera by spy photographers, this isn’t the first time that Porsche has been testing mules with a Panamera. Previously, they spotted U.K. plates that were registered to Bentley, indicating that they were mules for the next Continental GT that shares the same platform as the Panamera. Now, this mule has Porsche-registered plates, hinting that the German automaker is working on a front-engine coupe based on a shortened Panamera platform. Perhaps a modern Porsche 928 is under consideration?

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Rumors about a coupe and convertible model based on the upcoming Panamera have been floating around for a while, and seeing this particular mule is sure to bring attention back to the possibilities.

If Porsche does move forward with a Panamera-based model, don’t expect it to just be a shorter version of the existing sedan. Instead, the design will likely draw inspiration from the new Panamera and the 911, giving it a sporty yet elegant style.

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