Spy Photos Confirm Stick Shift in 2018 Jeep Wrangler


New spy photos have revealed that the Jeep Wrangler will keep its six-speed manual transmission. 

A new prototype has been spied sporting a six-speed stick shift, though the redesigneded shift knob suggests that it could be an all-new unit, especially considering reverse has been moved to the top left position. An eight-speed automatic will also be available.

Availability of the manual will likely mirror the current Wrangler, with only lower end models powered by the 3.6-liter V6 having the option to shift your own gears. A new turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder is also rumored to be joining the lineup, which could also be paired with the manual.

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Jeep has confirmed that the new Wrangler will be offered with a diesel powertrain, likely the 3.0-liter unit found in the current Jeep Grand Cherokee, along with a hybrid powertrains sometime in the future. The manual is unlikely to be paired with a manual.

Shedding pounds is being prioritized by the new Wrangler, which will begin to use more aluminum to keep its heft down.

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  • KnightShader

    This part of the article doesn’t make sense “The manual is unlikely to be paired with a manual.” , but assuming you meant the diesel won’t come with a manual, then that makes sense due to the torque requirements and the limited selection of options.

    However it’s weird that they would replace the manual transmission and not either increase the number of gears for fuel efficiency or else increase the torque load handling to make the diesel possible. It’s already a rather light transmission, so that wouldn’t be it, although a 3rd possiblity is the rumoured additional speed transfer case doesn’t mate well with the existing transmission but ok with the 8-speed.

    However, considering that they didn’t do the former, and that the later would likely show a different/new transfer case shifter, then there’s a thin hope that this transmission was for torque…. just to keep hope alive…

  • Frank Yoster

    I think u have lil faith!:) Trust Me..Jeep knows what they are doin;)

  • BarbarajStembridge12

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  • Sharyn Taylor

    I, for one, would be really interested in the 4cyl turbo model with a 6 speed manual. My current 2013 6cyl is geared way too high, but is great when cruising the hwy at 70mph. I guess this was done to achieve the 22.5 mpg. I just don’t trust the Pentastar V6.

  • Todd Thomas

    i achieved 25 mpg going from austin to dallas 😀 I was also please to see that the 2018 will have the reverse gear on the 1st gear side, instead of the 6th gear side…i always freak out that im going to accidentally put it into reverse at 60 mph…………

  • Hatterasman

    I do not understand why Jeep keeps making the Wrangler bigger and bigger. That is not what most true Jeep lovers want. I have driven ragtop Jeeps for 30+ years, and it seems they get bigger with every redesign.