Subaru WRX STI Shatters Isle of Man Lap Record

Subaru WRX STI Shatters Isle of Man Lap Record

A highly modified Subaru WRX STI has shattered the lap record for the Isle of Man TT course.

The all-new 2016 Subaru WRX STI time attack car set a new record with Mark Higgins behind the wheel — he set an average lap speed of 128.73 mph and a time of 17.35. That breaks the previous record that was held by Higgins of 116.47 mph and a time of 19.26. The race car was jointly developed with Prodrive, while technical assistance was provided by Subaru Tecnica International (STI). Just to show how serious Subaru was about breaking its own record, the new car was purpose-built for the Isle of Man TT course.

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Unfortunately, the Japanese automaker hasn’t released a video of the record-setting lap yet, but we expect it to surface soon. In the past, Subaru has been more than excited to share its in-car videos from the Isle of Man.

“It was an amazing run today considering we were running in very hot conditions and the tarmac was quite soft. With lower temperatures we would be making more horsepower, so I still believe we have more left in terms of speed, but it is great to have another record in the bank,” said Mark Higgins. “The chassis on this new car is fantastic to drive. It makes a difference driving a car custom designed for this course. It really allowed me to pick up time in each sector in the more technical parts of the course.”

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  • windel Vernon

    A video is worth a million words. Would’ve been nice.