Owner Claims Tesla Model X ‘Unexpectedly Accelerated’ into a Building


A Tesla Model X owner is alleging that his all-electric SUV “unexpectedly accelerated” into a building.

There has been quite a bit of buzz surrounding Tesla vehicles that are unintentionally accelerating and getting into collisions, and this time around, this Model X crashed in Irvine, California, allegedly while pulling into a parking space. The owner, Puzant Ozbag, made a post on the official Tesla forum saying that the five-day-old Model X “unexpectedly accelerated at high speed on its own climbing over 39 feet of planters and crashing into a building.”

The collision caused the airbags to deploy, said Ozbag, who added that the accident could have been fatal had the car’s wheels not been turned slightly to the left. If the wheels were straight, Ozbag believes the Model X would have crashed into the store in front of the parking space, potentially injuring or killing patrons. Fortunately, that didn’t happen, but Ozbag and his wife suffered burn marks due to the airbag deployment.

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“The acceleration was uncontrollable, seemed maximum and the car only stopped because it hit the building and caused massive damage to the building,” Ozbag said in the post. The owner believes this is a major problem and that the American automaker should stop deliveries and investigate the cause of the crash. He is also asking anyone else who had a similar experience to email him.

We reached out to Tesla for a statement concerning the collision, but it is likely that the automaker will have detailed logs on what happened with this particular vehicle. Ozbag made no mention of Autopilot or Summon, simply saying that he was driving the car slowly into the parking space.

Update: Tesla has released the following statement in regards to the accident:

“We analyzed the vehicle logs which confirm that this Model X was operating correctly under manual control and was never in Autopilot or cruise control at the time of the incident or in the minutes before. Data shows that the vehicle was traveling at 6 mph when the accelerator pedal was abruptly increased to 100%. Consistent with the driver’s actions, the vehicle applied torque and accelerated as instructed. Safety is the top priority at Tesla and we engineer and build our cars with this foremost in mind.We are pleased that the driver is ok and ask our customers to exercise safe behavior when using our vehicles.”

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  • Get_at_Me

    Granted, a car shouodnt accelerate on its own unless youre using cruise control or an autonomous mode, but couldnt the brakes have been applied to stop the vehicle? Or could it have been shut down somehow?

  • kaffekup

    Probably driver error. It’s hard to admit to it.

  • More victims of the right foot braking epidemic? Right foot pedal errors happen 10,000 to 40,000 times per day to drivers of all ages and gender. Innocent people die. Sad that the authorities refuse to teach the safer left foot braking method and ban right foot braking on automatic cars.

  • getoffme

    First stage: Denial

  • sue2541

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  • Val

    AI is developing quickly, but it still can’t filter out stupidity. I totally understand if the driver is in the last picture. Give supercar acceleration to people like that and this is what happens. I may seem harsh but blaming this on autopilot is just sad.

  • Goran

    This is a joke, right?

  • Downeaster

    My bet is driver stepped on accelerator thinking it was brake.

  • Over 18,000 crashes per year per NHTSA in parking lots alone! I don’t think we need laughter. We need awareness and education.

  • hp79

    Is it easy to switch over? I can’t imagine doing a left foot brake.

  • hp79

    If it was the car reacting he could have used his brake.

  • Goran

    Your foot is either on the acceleration pedal or on the breaking pedal. The only way to do this is by having one foot do either of those things at once. I can guarantee that accidents would triple if people were braking with left foot while at the same for being able to have their right foot on the accelerator.

  • First the science. Google NHTSA pedal misapplication. Learn and then convince NHTSA to do scientific studies comparing right foot braking with other braking methods. Right foot braking on automatic cars has zero science to back it up.

  • hp79

    Normally when you press both, the brakes take over. So I think it’s a matter of getting used to what we’re not used to.

  • hp79

    What science is needed? I learned driving using a manual transmission but drive a automatic. My right foot is used to pressing brake and accelerator. Unless the world stops building manual transmissions I think it’s a long shot for a transition.

  • Goran

    Maybe those people that you are talking about should get used to using pedals with the right foot like the rest of us and as it is intended to be used.

  • Keith Moat


  • SSXT

    Drive by Wire – DBW – vehicles are much more suspceptible to non-driver initiated acceleration events, as the sensor that controls the throttle is NOT cable-operated-it’s electronic. Many vehicles transitioned to DBW mid-2000’s, but that doesn’t mean the bugs are all worked out. My question to Tesla, “Do the vehicle logs identify whether the acceleration event was preceded by or followed by the brake being depressed?” And does the X’s system differentitate between the pedal being depressed by the driver vs. one of the onboard systems?” Yes, I read that neither Autopilot nor the Summon systems were in operation. But if the pedal was depressed by software vs. a human foot, my guess is that the former would happen much faster than by any human.

    And just to be clear, I’d love to have a Tesla.

  • pbug56

    Some cars like certain Subaru models have forward obstacle detection which cuts power and hits the brakes; I’m surprised that the far more expensive Tesla would either not have such, or perhaps if it did it was disabled. I obviously don’t know what happened, but it is not unusual to hit the ‘gas’ instead of the brake pedal. Of course we only have heard a partial ‘read out’ of what the system recorded.

  • Effilya De

    Soon as i saw this article i figured it would have been driver error. Hit the wrong pedal i bet. you can’t fool a Tesla. they log EVERYTHING the driver does.

  • Effilya De

    you can’t be serious. Left foot braking should be illegal!