Tesla Reportedly Settles Model X California Lemon Lawsuit


Tesla has reportedly settled a California Lemon lawsuit involving a Model X.

It was reported in late May that Barrett Lyon had filed a Lemon lawsuit claiming that his Model X was filled with issues, such as the doors doing “weird, wicked things.” Lyon, who owns a Tesla Roadster and a Tesla Model S believed the Model X was rushed to market, adding that the Auto Pilot feature posed danger in the rain.

Fortune reports a settlement has been reached and the American electric automaker has agreed to take the Model X back from Lyon. Both Lyon and Tesla have confirmed that the vehicle is now back in Tesla’s possession.

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Lyon is hardly the only Tesla Model X owner that has experienced issues with their new all-electric SUV. It’s unclear how many other owners are seeking refunds from Tesla, but there have been numerous other reports of lengthy list of problems ranging from fitment issues to malfunctioning doors.

It all calls to question on whether Tesla will be able to get its quality up to par before it starts producing the Model 3, which is aimed at a much lower price point and will be the automaker’s first mass-produced model.

[Source: Fortune]

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