The First Ever Photos of the Mid-Engine Corvette


The first photos showing a production-spec mid-engine Chevy Corvette prototype have surfaced. 

This is one of the first production-spec prototypes for the new mid-engined car, evidenced by its revised stance and large opening over the mid-mounted engine. Eventually, a glass engine cover will fill up this space, giving this car the exotic feel of a Ferrari, the Italian brand that Chevy has been using to benchmark its new performance machine.

According to the spy photographer, these photos were taken from a mile away using a long lens setup and a 50.3 megapixel DSLR. So far, GM has been careful to keep the car top secret by running it only at night, making this sighting all the more rare.

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Powertrain details are only rumors at this point, with one suggesting that a turbocharged, direct-injection V6 engine with over 700 horsepower could be in the car. Chevy wants to take the fight to the Ford GT, not to mention exotics like the Ferrari 488 and Lamborghini Huracan, and is trying to build exactly the right car to do it.

Pricing for the car will mirror Ford’s lineup for the GT, which means that the mid-engine Corvette will cost around $400,000.

While we can’t wait to see a mid-engine Corvette battling with the Ford GT at Le Mans, we have a while to wait. The car is said to be debuting at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show as a 2019 model.

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  • timothyhood

    These feel a lot like “GM approved” leak photos. Could they be any lower quality? I thought professional spy camera guys had high-end cameras with long lenses. These look digitally enlarged enough to be about as detailed as an artists rendering.

  • hwkr_01

    i know its obvious because of perception and the angle where the picture was taken but the first picture with the colorado appearing looks MASSIVE.

  • RacerCG

    Not sure why they’d introduce a new $400,000 car as a second “Corvette.” My guess is that, if the car is even actually going to be made/sold, it won’t use the Corvette name.

  • Mbukukanyau

    This car is a Cadillac. Chevrolet already has a supercar the Ford GT will have problems keeping up with.
    A 488 cannot keep up with a Z06 on a track.

  • Mbukukanyau

    Its a Cadillac, The Z06 is a hyper car already. Expensive and stupid fast on any track.. Takes anything short of a 918 down easily in the right hands.

  • Jack Woodburn

    I gotta feeling that that vehicle will be a Cadillac Zora…a $400,000 vehicle just doesn’t make any sense in the Chevy line-up. Caddy needs a halo car, and that’s it…

  • smartacus

    i do not doubt for a second this most certainly will be a twin turbo V6 instead of a V8.
    They will have to showcase a V6,
    not just because of the GT
    but because of the GT’s very real performance at Le Mans

  • LibertyDwells

    I can not believe even GM would be dumb enough to put a V6 in a Corvette.

  • 00blahblahblah00

    Could be a CCTV security camera for the track. It is possible that this was a closed session and nobody was allowed in but the GM testers and one of the security guards realized what he was looking at and snapped a couple pics of the monitor.

  • 00blahblahblah00

    Probably because we can see the side of the truck but we are only looking at the rear ends of the cars. Adding to the distortion is the fact that the truck is “on top” of the cars in the photo so it looks even taller. Plus, the cars’ suspensions are so low especially the Vettes.