The Next BMW 3 Series to be Built in Mexico

The Next BMW 3 Series to be Built in Mexico

Soon, one of BMW’s most iconic vehicles will be built in Mexico. 

BMW has announced the start of construction on a new manufacturing plant in San Luis Potosí, Mexico where the 3 Series Sedan will be built in the future. Production of the car is scheduled to begin in 2019, with annual production pegged at 150,00 units.

A total of 1,500 new jobs are being created at the plant, which will cost roughly $1 billion.

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It will be a full plant complete with a body shop, paint shop and assembly line. The plant will also be BMW’s most resource-efficient production location thanks to CO2-free electricity from solar panels and a focus on water conservation. BMW says that this is the first paint plant to produce no process wastewater, and it will have the lowest water consumption per vehicle of all BMW’s plants.

BMW began training 25 technicians in September of 2015, while its Munich plant will servce as the lead plant for setup and training, and will train more than 500 Mexican workers by 2019.

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  • jmcd102

    Great the are saving money and water. I will be replacing my F30 with another brand.

  • smartacus

    as a longtime BMW fan who has owned two E30 M3’s and has been part of the BMWCCA; i am out too. Not because of me, i am not leaving; BMW has left us.

  • jmcd102

    So true.

  • Shiratori1

    Just know that this move won’t save you any money at the dealership. Any savings that will be created as a result of this will be going directly into BMW’s pocket.