Top Gear Lost 1.5M Viewers for Second Episode

Top Gear Lost 1.5M Viewers for Second Episode

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Apparently 1.5-million people didn’t feel like being fooled twice as Top Gear‘s viewership dropped from 4.3 million on its first episode to 2.8 million during the show’s second episode, according to That’s a major difference compared to the previous show featuring Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, which averaged 5.6-million viewers. In fact, the final show starring the old hosts had 5.3-million viewers.

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The Internet didn’t take too kindly to the revamped Top Gear now that Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc are its main hosts. Evans took to Twitter to defend the show after the first episode, but the drastic drop in viewership is alarming.

The Sun is also alleging that the show is using “canned laughter” during the in-studio segments that have “awkward silences.” Video of the audience seems to support The Sun‘s claims, but BBC has denied any tampering.

It will be interesting to see if BBC decides to revamp the show again if viewers continue to drop.

  • smartacus

    Shouldn’t either Top Gear or Grand Tour be hiring Ben Collins to break the curse already??

  • Noe

    Doubt Ben Collins can help this sinking franchise …..

    The british (home audience) seem all to busy complaining about the June referendum/EU exit. How drull

  • Emperius

    BBC is the front end of anti-British propaganda system. After watching a clip of a host mentioning “inshallah”, says enough of the deteriorating, elite-controlled system they have.

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  • Tom Bagwell

    Guess I’m not as sophisticated as the 1.5 million people that “tuned out.” I can understand some thinking the first episode was iffy however I found the second go round very entertaining. No doubt there are some rough edges that will need to be refined, but I still found myself entertained for the entire program. I do think I would not miss the “Top Gear Extras.”

  • Mariano Palmero

    The new hosts suck!

  • police state

    Bet. They are regretting getting rid of Clarkson,Hammond and May. They shot the golden goose . Just hope I can see them on the new program. .

  • Emilio Javier Mercado

    The audience in the first episode lacked enthusiasm and looked like they were forced to be there. I was highly disappointed and not shocked the second episode lost so many viewers.

  • smartacus

    Shouldn’t either Top Gear or Grand Tour be hiring Ben Collins to break the curse already??