Toyota Adds Child Models to Virtual Crash Dummy Lineup

Toyota Adds Child Models to Virtual Crash Dummy Lineup

Toyota has expanded its Total Human Model for Safety (THUMS) virtual crash dummy software.

The Japanese automaker has added three new models to represent children aged three, six and ten to Version 4 of its crash dummy software. According to Toyota, THUMS allows injuries sustained by human bodies during vehicle crashes to be simulated on a computer, and sales of the new models will begin this fall.

The software is used to forecast the extent of injuries sustained in an accident and is often used in the technological development of safety devices such as airbags. THUMS is also incrasingly being used in motorsports, with NASCAR recently turning to the software to form regulations for seat shapes that are better able to reduce the likelihood of rib fractures sustained by drivers as a result of a racing accident.

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The child models used in the software represent the average physiques of children at each respective age and will come in two versions, a passenger version and a pedestrian version. The newly-launched models were created as a result of a collaboration between Wayne State University, the University of Michigan and thee Collaborative Safety Research Center located in the Toyota Technical Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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