Volkswagen’s Diesel Cheat was ‘Open Secret’ in the Industry: Volvo Exec

Volkswagen’s Diesel Cheat was ‘Open Secret’ in the Industry: Volvo Exec

Other automakers weren’t surprised to hear that Volkswagen had been cheating on diesel emissions tests.

According to one Volvo executive, Volkswagen’s diesel cheat was an “open secret” within the automotive industry seven years ago, it’s just that no one was able to prove it at the time. Speaking to the Australian media, Kent Falck, a Volvo veteran responsible for developing future vehicles, said that diesel experts at other automakers, including Volvo, were suspicious on how the German automaker managed to meet strict U.S. emissions standards, but they could not.

“We have the same suppliers, we have Bosch, we have Denso, we are working with the same partners, so we know this technology doesn’t exist,” Falck said at the launch of a new Volvo sedan in Spain on Wednesday. “I have known that for seven years.”

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Falck went on to admit that no matter how hard Volvo tried to match the U.S. diesel emissions standards using the same parts as Volkswagen, it was unable to. He originally thought that Volkswagen had access to unknown technology that was exclusive to the automaker.

Obviously we now know how Volkswagen managed to meet strict U.S. emissions standards, and now the company is paying a hefty price for it in the U.S., with a settlement that will cost nearly $15 billion.


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