Volkswagen Owners: Here’s How Much VW Will Give You for Your TDI

Volkswagen Owners: Here’s How Much VW Will Give You for Your TDI

If you own a Volkswagen TDI-equipped vehicle, you have some money coming your way. 

Earlier today, the class action settlement was announced, revealing that VW diesel owners will get between $5,100 and $10,000 as a cash bonus, decided by a formula that Volkswagen has. On top of the cash, owners will have the option to either sell their car back to Volkswagen or get it fixed.

Naturally the amount varies based on the year, make and model, but here’s a complete breakdown of what you can expect to receive.

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  • smartacus

    VW will reprogram it, Superchips will re-reprogram it 😉

  • *Volkswagen

  • Dave Scott

    So, uh, where’s the 3.0?

  • pbug56

    What are the repairs?

  • Bobbo

    So, I don’t see anything near $10K in the charts above. What’s with that? Also, I read an owner of a VW who owned but sold within a date frame would get some bucks. Any news on that?

  • Melvin Long

    I’m in Canada, and I took my 2015 TDI Beetle in because they were having a sale. They knocked $7,000 off of a Jetta that I looked at, but only offered me $18,000 for my Bug. I payed $35,000 for it last year. I’m sure hoping VW has a decent offer by the end of the month, or I’ll just be driving it as is.

  • who_i_am_today

    My concern is if I want to keep it, what will happen to my fuel efficiency? On my 2015 Golf I average 43 MPG. THAT’S why I chose it. Window shopping for what I could get with the buyback money I see nothing that really holds my attention or has great mileage…