Volvo S90, V90 Receive Polestar Performance Package


The Volvo S90 and V90 models now have a Polestar performance package available.

Known as Polestar Performance Optimization, the package upgrades the S90 and V90 models to help further improve driving dynamics. The performance package was first introduced on the Volvo XC90 last year, and it upgrades the entire drivetrain by improving throttle and off-throttle response, gear shift speed and precision, as well as overall engine performance.

The package was developed in close cooperation with the engineers and racing drivers of Polestar Cyan Racing.

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Although Volvo didn’t release exact specifications on how the package improves performance, on the XC90 T6, it increases performance from 316 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque to 330 hp and 325 lb-ft of torque. The package will first arrive on the European D5 diesel models, but will be available later on the gasoline-powered T6 variants.

”We continue to enhance the performance of Volvo’s new, class-leading SPA vehicle architecture and Drive-E powertrains. The S90 and V90 already offer excellent driving dynamics and we are delighted to raise the performance level even further with Polestar Performance Optimisation,” said Niels Möller, COO of Polestar, the Volvo Cars performance brand.

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  • Noe

    It seems volvo are slowly sneaking up the rear in terms of luxury looks and luxury delivery on their cars

  • Bolan Bash

    Sorry Merc & BMW I’m already taken by Volvo!

  • Felix James



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  • nauticalone

    The V90 looks great…though I do wish it was available with a 6 cylinder.