Watch Ken Block Test His Ford Focus RS RX Rally Race Car


The Ford Focus RS RX is one mean rally racing machine.

The new race car has already sent teammates Ken Block and Andreas Bakkerud into the finals in three out of four events, and there are still two-thirds of the World Rallycross season to go. Ford Performance has released its fourth video in a series that documents the development of the Ford Focus RS RX, this time putting the spotlight on the car as it undergoes early testing.

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The video shows Block getting comfortable with his new race car while giving Ford engineers feedback on how to adjust the controls. It also shows the Ford Focus RS RX going through its shakedown runs, with plenty of slow-motion drifts and sideways action, all at the Kirkbride Airfield in the U.K.

It’s probably not as exciting to see now that the race car is in action, but it is still interesting to get an inside look at how testing and development is done for a competitive rally car.

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