Watch Scary Video of an NHRA Funny Car Exploding in a Drag Race

There’s nothing funny about an NHRA Funny Car exploding.

What should have been a routine qualifying run at the 2016 NHRA New England Nationals turned disastrous for Jack Beckman and his Infinite Hero Dodge Charger, when the NHRA Funny Car exploded around the eighth-mile mark of the quarter-mile dragstrip. It’s still unclear exactly what went wrong, but it’s safe to assume a mechanical failure occurred, causing the engine to explode, ripping apart the body.

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Fortunately, Beckman was able to save the chassis from hitting the wall or the other driver, meaning the team would be able to drop in a new engine and body to get back to racing. What’s most impressive is how calm Beckman was after the incident, explaining in clear detail what happened. He said that his helmet visor was covered in oil before he was able to wipe it away, but luckily the safety features on the drag car made sure the parachutes deployed on their own to help bring the car to a stop.