Will Brexit Impact These British Brands and Production Facilities?

Will Brexit Impact These British Brands and Production Facilities?

There are many economic implications regarding the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union. These can definitely impact the automotive industry, especially these automakers who still make cars in the UK.

Who knows what can happen in the near future, but it is likely that the EU will impose some export taxes on these automakers, which will affect how they sell and produce cars.

Aston Martin DB11

Aston Martin:

Although Aston Martin is owned by a number of investors, including Prestige Motor Holdings and Daimler, the company is still headquartered in the UK. This storied British marque continues to build its prized cars like the Vantage V8 and V12, the DB9 GT, the Rapide S and the new DB11 in Gaydon, England.



Bentley is owned by VW and even uses the German automaker’s platforms. In fact, the new Bentayga SUV uses the same platform as the VW Touareg and Audi Q7, while the Bentley Flying Spur and Continental GT use the same platform as the VW Phaeton and Audi A8. These Bentleys are still all built in the UK though, in the brand’s Crewe Plant.

Ford UK:

Even though Ford is an American automaker, they have some significant operations in the UK, including the production of the Transit van that they sell to a global audience.


Similar to the situation with Ford, GM’s UK brand builds cargo vans for global market in Luton. The Vauxhall Astra, though closely related to the Buick Verano, is also made in the UK for British buyers.


Honda UK:

One of the biggest automakers in the world, Honda makes quite a few vehicles in the UK. In fact, when the CR-V launched, it was built in only two places: Japan and the UK. The CR-V is still being built there, while additional facilities in North America handle that region’s demand. Other cars like the Jazz (the international version of the Fit) and several Civic variants are also built in the automaker’s Swindon plant.


Jaguar is a classic British brand that is owned by an Indian company by the name of Tata. Despite the Asian ownership, all Jaguars are built in the UK, but in different places. The XF, XJ and F-Type are made in Birmingham, while the new XE and F-Pace see the light of day in Solihull.


Land Rover: 

The iconic British truck maker Land Rover is also owned by Tata, and like Jaguar, it still builds its cars in the UK. The Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Discovery are both made in Halewood, while the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport are made in Solihull.


Thanks to the iconic and record-shattering F1, everyone should know about McLaren as an automaker. They still make awesome supercars and have a wider range than ever before with the 540C, 570GT, 570S, 650S, 675LT and P1 hypercar. All are built in the factory in Woking.



Mini used to be the quintessential British brand for the common people, but it’s now owned by BMW, and the cars are decidedly less Mini, especially in terms of size. The two brands share engines, technologies and platforms. Despite all that, the entire Mini range of cars are still built in Cowley, Oxford.

Nissan UK

Like Honda, Nissan has a significant presence in the UK. Not only was the Juke designed in the UK, but it’s also built there for the local market. Several cars are built for European delivery in the automakers Sunderland plant, including the Juke, Leaf, Note and Qashqai. The Infiniti Q30 and QX30 are also currently built in the UK, but Nissan will transition production of that vehicle to Mexico.



Another iconic British nameplate that’s owned by a German group is Rolls-Royce. The automaker behind the Phantom, Ghost, Dawn and Wraith still makes their cars in Goodwood, using platforms and engines borrowed from BMW, with handcrafted bespoke interiors for Rolls’ well-heeled clientele.

Toyota UK:

Two of Toyota’s more successful European vehicles are made in the UK. The Auris and Avensis are both made in Burnaston.

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    The world operated before and the world will continue to operate after…

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    Brexit combined with VW wanting to cut 40+ models…
    i’d say Bentley will be for sale veeery shortly

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    If UK is headed out of EU how will the EU impose export taxes? I can understand EU imposing import taxes of UK goods (including vehicles)
    Whichever way, the U.K. Is in for significant changes!

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