Aston Martin CEO to Personally Inspect the First 1000 DB11s

Aston Martin’s sports cars are known for a lot of things, but quality control isn’t one of them.

To be rid of that image, Aston CEO Andy Palmer will personally inspect the first 1,000 brand new DB11s that roll off the assembly line. “I will personally inspect the first 1000 customer cars. About 12 cars a day starting 6pm until they are done daily,” Palmer wrote on Twitter.

This won’t exactly be a cushy job either. Palmer starts his inspections at 6pm, with each car taking roughly one hour to look over. That means that he isn’t finishing work until around 6am, leaving just one or two hours for sleep. “When the adrenaline gets going, 2 [hours of sleep] is good,” said Palmer. “Maybe I’ll sleep at xmas,” he joked on Twitter.

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With the new DB11, Palmer claims that Aston has moved on, past its history of lackluster build quality and reliability.

This is the most powerful DB model ever, packing 600 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque from its new 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12. Deliveries of the new DB11 begin in October of this year.

Unlike some elusive CEOs, Palmer is all over twitter responding to journalists and fans alike. We’ve embedded some of his tweets about the new DB11 below.

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