Aston Martin’s Hypercar Aims to Have the Highest Redline of any Production Car, Ever

The Aston Martin AM-RB 001 hypercar is aiming to have the highest-revving engine ever used in a production car.

Announced earlier this month as an F1-inspired hypercar developed in collaboration with Red Bull Racing, the AM-RB 001 is going to be one-of-a-kind. In a time where automakers are turning to turbochargers and downsizing engines, Aston Martin is having a difficult time letting go of its big V8 and V12 engines, and has decided that the AM-RB 001 will be a testament to that.

The company has a goal of fitting an all-new V12 engine that is capable of revving up to 11000 RPM, something that is unheard of for a production car. “We may be saying farewell to this kind of powertrain, so we plan to produce the best of the species,” Aston Martin chief creative officer Marek Reichman told The Drive in an interview.

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The AM-RB 001 is shooting to produce one horsepower for every kilogram of weight, which means the new V12 will actually be smaller than the twin-turbocharged V12 mill used in the new Aston Martin DB11. Helping develop the engine will also be Williams and McLaren.

[Source: The Drive]

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