BMW Z4 Production Ending Soon to Make Room for Rumored Z5 Successor

Production of the BMW Z4 will reportedly end this August.

The timing means the model is on schedule for the end of its lifecycle and will leave a gap in the German automaker’s lineup until its successor debuts. It is widely believed that the BMW Z4 will be replaced with the all-new Z5, based on a jointly developed platform with Toyota. The same platform is also understood to underpin the Supra’s successor, although both automakers have stayed relatively quiet about it.

Spy photographers have caught the BMW Z5 testing numerous times this year, so there’s proof that BMW is working on a Z4 successor.

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The BMW Z4 arrived in 2002, replacing the Z3 as BMW looked to compete with other luxury convertibles in the market. It received a refresh in 2009, giving it a more modern design up front and a folding hardtop in lieu of the soft top. That means the current Z4 is now seven years old, which makes it quite dated by today’s standards.

For now, we will have to look forward to official word from BMW that a replacement for the Z4 is coming, and then we will hopefully have more details on the potential Toyota Supra successor.

[Source: BMW Blog]

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