Cadillac Lineup Changes, New Models Coming Starting in 2018

Cadillac Lineup Changes, New Models Coming Starting in 2018

Despite a lineup of great new vehicles, Cadillac has been struggling to achieve huge sales numbers, but new models and upcoming lineup enhancements might help change that.

Starting in 2018, we can expect the first of three new Cadillac nameplates to arrive, according to a report from Automotive News. The first new vehicle, probably called the XT3, will be a compact crossover to compete with the BMW X3 and Audi Q3, while a subcompact XT2 to fight the X1 and GLA is also on the horizon.

Cadillac will be focusing its efforts on the crossover segment, so an entry-level CT3 (Mercedes CLA competitor) that could slot under the ATS will likely be put on hold.

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The ATS is still going strong, but will likely be given a new CT4 name to bring it in line with Cadillac’s new naming convention. It will likely be renamed in late 2018. A convertible has been rumored for a while as well. A refreshed CT5 to replace the CTS should also arrive in 2019.

With the CT6 flagship getting rave reviews, the front-wheel-drive XTS will get phased out in the next two years. The CT6 is also expected to get a plug-in hybrid version early next year and a refresh in 2019.

Also, we can’t ignore the rumors of a mid-engined GM sports car, which early reports said would be a Corvette, but it could launch under the Cadillac umbrella around 2021.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Rocket

    “The ATS is still going strong …”

    Still? It never was strong, and this far into its life cycle it’s really struggling, averaging just over 1,600/mo. The CTS is an even bigger failure with just over 1,300/mo. 2019 is way too late for a replacement. Lincoln is averaging 2.450 MKZ’s a month, and the refreshed model isn’t even up to speed yet. That statistic, plus the fact that the softer FWD XTS is still selling well, is a clear indicator that De Nysschen has Cadillac going in the wrong direction. Making Cadillacs more BMW-like isn’t drawing in BMW customers, it’s sending Cadillac customers elsewhere. Not sure why they can’t figure that out.

  • Tiago

    Cadillac needs a V12 for the supercar that will come in the future, still I insist more DIESEL engines and manual transmission !!!!

  • johnls39 .

    Jodi could mean being planned as scheduled or global sales of the car in general which is the best selling car globally. Everyone knows the CTS and ATS struggles based on competitive pricing on the equal level of the competition which had not match the level of the image of the competitors.

    The reason the MKZ is doing better is because the value card as a tweener.

    All Cadillac needs to worry about is consistency in vehicle execution for each generation and people will slowly come around but it won’t be overnight as it takes a long time to change consumer perception.

    The XTS is selling well but how much longer will it continue to sell well against the CT6 which that car is taking a good percentage of since last month.

  • Rocket

    The MKZ is doing well because it’s stylish, comfortable, it has a usable backseat and a decent trunk. It’s what people expect from an American luxury brand. I predict the Continental will be a smashing success for the same reasons.

    From my perspective, Cadillac still appears to be confused about who they want to be. They prioritize “the drive” over “the ride” because it’s what BMW successful. But in the process they’ve completely forgotten what made Cadillac sedans successful in the past. It certainly wasn’t the ability to clip apexes that made Cadillac THE aspirational American nameplate for decades.

    For all the talk about how performance and German dynamics will reinvent the brand, I find it curious that the brand’s real flagship is a pickup truck, and the best-selling model by a huge margin is a FWD crossover that does nothing particularly well. Like the SRX, the XT5 will sell well, and won’t be because of its ability to carve up a canyon road with X5-like prowess. They’re buying it for space and comfort, which is the exact reason the XTS still sells.

  • johnls39 .

    Not trying to discredit the MKZ as playing the value card for the reason it sales decently and I do agree that it is stylish and comfortable. But for the money, you have a car that is a midsize with an entry-level price tag.

    IMO, I think you will see a shift in the next generation Cadillacs when they get bigger with added comfort. They could dial back on handling or keep it about the same with more interior space. The CT6 will eventually replace the XTS and more than likely sell decently like the XTS.

  • kaffekup

    Sorry, the alphabet soup designations lost me. I have no idea what any of these vehicles are.

  • LannisterDebts

    I want to buy American, but they have to give me a reason to do so. Sub-par design from both Lincoln and Cadillac compared to their European competitors, and also the lack of luxurious features and trims.

    Can American car companies get with it already? WTF are they doing? If they want to compete in the luxury car market, then they actually have to build a LUXURY CAR!

    Ill be willing to buy a Cadillac the moment they offer a black optic package so those of us who are not 100 years old, wont have to be burdened by the over-usage of tacky chrome. Also, why the hell would any one purchase an ATS or CTS for the $40-50 and 50-60,000 space, when the European cars have so much better interior designs as well as technology. Has anyone compared an ATS and CTS dash board to lets say, Audi’s virtual cockpit?

    Overall, I am just sick an tired, year after year hoping the American companies can actually bring something worthy to the luxury market space so I can pull the trigger and buy, and each year its disappointment after disappointment.